Why do i need an annual maintenance contract?

Well, as we all know, living in the UAE’s harsh weather is not easy. It not only takes its toll on us, but also our homes too. The AC systems are used much more frequently during the summer and this can sometimes lead to problems. This is just one of the most essential amenities that we have come to take for granted. It is only when it stops working correctly that we realise how much we depend on it. This is why preventive maintenance is important, so that these key amenities are always ready and available to use when you need them.

What happens when i reach the maximum number of call outs for any service on my plan?

What happens when the fault requires a new part?

What if I need something that is not part of my plan?

When do I pay for any additional services?

How do I make payment to KTS?

What happens if I move part way through the contract?

How do I register for an annual maintenance contract?

How do I pay for the annual maintenance contract?

Can I pay in monthly instalments?

What happens if I want to terminate my contract before time?

What constitutes an emergency?